[time] Monitor spike?

Tony Hoyle tmh
Thu Apr 17 11:19:44 UTC 2008

sjm wrote:
> We did have a network outage yesterday that put my server quickly to the 
> -80 or so score, but when I came back on line, it will take X times as 
> long to get back into the pool even though my server is as accurate as 
> it ever was.  This really hasn't hurt me much, but it will have (however 
> little) hurt the pool some by not having my server in the rotation for 
> an amount of time.

That behaviour makes sense - after an outage you have to 'prove' you 
have a stable server again before it gets back into rotation, otherwise 
you'd end up with servers on unreliable links getting equal weight to 
servers that can maintain near constant uptime.


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