[time] GPS Time Server Survey

Kipton Moravec kip
Thu Apr 24 16:14:10 UTC 2008

I am designing a system with a GPS module, and started looking at all of
the things it could do, including time.

Since you folks are all interested in time, I was wondering which of two
products would be of interest to you.

1. A GPS module with the ability to expand the serial port to more than
10 to allow you to use the NTP NEMA driver. The time pulse would be
accurate to about 30 nS RMS. Retail cost about $100.

2. A time server with 2 Ethernet ports, with GPS time reference, to
directly support between 50 and 100 users using GPS. Retail Cost about

Both would be Stratum 1 by using the GPS (and later Galileo also)

Any additional specifications? How much more would you pay for the
additional specs?

Or is this not interesting enough for you, that I would be wasting my

Kipton Moravec KE5NGX
"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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