[time] GPS Time Server Survey

John Pettitt jpp
Thu Apr 24 20:07:40 UTC 2008

Jan Hoevers wrote:
>> 2. A time server with 2 Ethernet ports, with GPS time reference, to
>> directly support between 50 and 100 users using GPS. Retail Cost about
>> $200
> Any pool server has far more users than 50 or 100.
> Most pool server operators run ntpd on freebsd or linux.  Personally I
> would not move away from that without a very, very good reason.  Some
> pool operators have a Garmin GPS18LVC attached, costs around $80.

Indeed one of my boxes (configured at 1000mbit connectivity) shows.

Estimated active ntp pool clients:     35926
Estimated abusive ntp pool clients:      183
Estimated inactive ntp pool clients:   28551
Total ntp pool clients being tracked:  64477

Current request rate:  0.008 seconds between requests  (126.31 req/sec)
Current bandwidth in:  9.374 KBytes/s   74.996 Kbits/s
Current bandwidth in: 23.173 GB/month  185.384 Gb/month

Peak traffic goes as high at 180 requests per second - this box has only 
been online three weeks and I expect traffic to rise to closer to 50,000 
active clients over the next couple of months.


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