[time] GPS Time Server Survey

der Mouse mouse
Thu Apr 24 20:50:37 UTC 2008

>> I wasn't seeing this as being the pool server; I was seeing it as
>> being a stratum-1 host a pool server could sync to.

>> If I were to get one that's certainly how I'd use it.

> And how would one keep non-pool user from overloading the device?

Lack of access.  I didn't mean "a host pool servers in general could
sync to"; I meant "a host my pool server, and perhaps others with whom
I've set up private arrangement, could sync to".

> For pool servers to know and use it, it would have to be published
> somewhere.  It would go past 50-100 users very fast.

Well, as I said, that's not what I had in mind.  But if it were, I'd
ask ask if there were some way I could get the current pool list,
either pulled periodically or pushed when changes occur, for filtering.
How big is the pool?  http://www.pool.ntp.org/ says 1546 hosts; I could
easily throw a 1546-host filter in front of the box (reloaded daily or
some such) and count on pool hosts to be well-behaved enough to not
pound it into the ground.  (I daresay there are a few inconsiderate
sysadmins among the pool hosts; any group of that many people will have
a few bad apples.  But on the average, I'd guess, they are probably
both more competent and more considerate, as compared to all sysadmins
with hosts on the net.)

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