[time] GPS Time Server Survey

der Mouse mouse
Thu Apr 24 21:23:11 UTC 2008

>>>>> 2. A time server with 2 Ethernet ports, with GPS time reference,
>>>> Any pool server has far more users than 50 or 100.
>>> I was seeing it as being a stratum-1 host a pool server could sync to.
>> And how would one keep non-pool user from overloading the device?
> I guess it is not a good idea because almost no one understands it.

That means that it needs clearer marketing, not that the idea is bad.

I'd buy one and park it on the roof at work.  I just asked, and they
probably wouldn't buy one themselves, but would let me use their roof
to host mine (at least while I work there).

> I guess a cheap Stratum 1 Time server is of no interest.

Certainly not of _no_ interest; I'm interested.  Might not be enough
interest to make it worth the overhead, of course.

But this discussion does make it clear that you'd need to be careful
how you spin it when plugging it to potential customers, or people will
get confused about what it's for.

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