[time] GPS Time Server Survey

Matt Wagner mwaggy
Thu Apr 24 21:37:59 UTC 2008

If you're making a "box" to sit on the roof, what about a little
device that, instead of being a stratum 1 NTP host, was a PTP
(Precision Time Protocol) server? You'd thus get much greater accuracy
to the host(s) on the other end, potentially allowing them to claim
Stratum 1? (You and I realize that this isn't a big deal... I made a
point to only sync to stratum 1's on my server in the pool, though, so
that it can act as stratum 2 in the pool, rather than stratum 3. The
time would be just as good for my purposes, but it's more 'attractive'
for clients.)

I confess that I've never actually worked with PTP... My understanding
is that it works best with special Ethernet cards, but it seems as if
you can do it in software. (PTPd -- ptpd.sf.net, for example.) You
might even mix in Power over Ethernet into this little device.

Whether a market exists, I have no idea. Just thought I'd confuse
things by throwing a few more ideas onto the pile. ;)

-- Matt

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