[time] GPS Time Server Survey

Kipton Moravec kip
Fri Apr 25 02:57:54 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 18:40 -0400, Eugene Smiley wrote:
> Kipton Moravec wrote:
> > The idea for the one with Ethernet was not as a pool server, but to be
> > behind the firewall, for the enterprise (company) time servers and to
> > feed the enterprises pool server. The cheap little time server would not
> > be seen from the Internet.
> If I am an enterprise purchaser, I am going to buy a single box solution over a 
> 2 box solution. I WOULD buy an enterprise ST1 server that handles ALL my 
> enterprise time calls. I WOULD NOT buy a time server that requires me to 
> purchase another server to server all my users.

The way I understand Microsoft domain servers they serve the time to all
the PCs logged into them.

This would support this configuration. Most places do not have 50 domain
Again until the prototype is built, I do not know how many users it will


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