[time] GPS Time Server Survey

David J Taylor david-taylor
Fri Apr 25 09:18:25 UTC 2008

Remco den Besten wrote:
>> On Apr 24, 2008, at 10:56 PM, David J Taylor wrote:
>>>> From the number of enquiries I have received, I also see a market
>>>> for
>>> someone to make a small box ($10-$25) to interface a Garmin GPS18-
>>> LVC to
>>> their computer and a 12V (or USB) power supply.
>> [ not sure if this was you or Kipton ]

[it was me, DJT]

>> I agree with this.  A small adapter that plugs into the GPS18-LVC in
>> one end and has USB (for power) and serial in the other end would be
>> great.  I'd be happy to help sell them, too.
>>  - ask

> Because I am more into hardware than software I'll have a look ;-)
> The USB port delivers +5V, by the way.
> Remco.org

Yes, the 5V from the USB works perfectly.  I happened not to wish to rely 
on USB on my own system, so I used a 3-terminal regulator and a 12V source 
I happened to have to hand.


I forgot, when mentioning the "router-based" NTP box, what I would like it 
to be based on FreeBSD which has a better reputation and an NTP 

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