[time] GPS Time Server Survey

John Pettitt jpp
Fri Apr 25 23:37:56 UTC 2008

Chris Kuethe wrote:
> well if your hardware/ip stack can handle 300pps, I'm going to
> handwave and say you can handle 100 qps (gotta save some time for
> timekeeping, ntpd, ssh, etc.), or 360000qph
> 100 very rude clients polling at 1Hz
> 90000 very polite clients polling once every 15minutes (~1.1e-3 Hz)
> and i'll have to go through my logs to give you a frequency
> distribution. don't forget bursty clients too.
> CK
Real world number: My pool server is currently serving 35,000 clients at 
99 packets/sec.  So 500 second ~= 175,000 clients.


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