[time] GPS Time Server Survey

David J Taylor david-taylor
Sat Apr 26 16:28:25 UTC 2008

Andy Gryc wrote:
>> In case you're interested, our company Airchitex makes a product that
>> sounds similar to your query.  It is specifically designed for
>> "offline" or completely behind firewall use
>> (http://www.airchitex.com/cuckoo.html).  Ours lists for $899, and
>> uses a Garmin chipset internally.
>> The target market is small installations who can't afford the "big
>> guns" but still need accurate time and don't want to use other NTP
>> servers to get their time.  And of course it goes without saying
>> that they're also people who don't want to spend a lot of time and
>> effort in creating their own setup--it's a "plug and play" time
>> server.  Speaking from our experience, this market is rather small.
>> Maybe it's just our bad marketing :-), but we sell maybe one unit a
>> month if we're lucky.

Hardly surprising, Andy, when it only offers SNTP (according to the page 
you gave)!  For that price, one would expect at least full NTP.  Which 
Garmin chipset?  I would want the SiRF III chipset for its high 

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