[time], wikis, and help for abusers

Matt Wagner mwaggy
Tue Apr 29 23:58:59 UTC 2008

Hey all,

I apologize in advance for sending multiple messages to the list...
I've recently "graduated" from inattentively keeping my server in the
pool to actively monitoring two servers in the pool, and have some
questions as a result.

I've noticed syncing to me every 32 seconds. I wouldn't have
thought too much of it, but the IP just looked "odd" (actually,
even....) and thus caught my eye. By dumb luck, I wound up looking at
access stats for some of the servers in the pool that provide online
stats, trying to see what sort of loads I'd get if I increased my
bandwidth on the pool. And I saw the stats on ntp.dayww.net... Where is seemingly querying every 500ms. So I tried Googling the
IP, and found that it shows up every 32 seconds on Wayne Schlitt's
server as well. So now I'm left wondering how many of us it's
affecting. It seems improbable to me that it's only syncing to the
three of us, and I happen to have viewed the access stats of each
today. I'm wondering if it's syncing to a huge number of hosts. The IP
appears to be registered to omniti.com; edge.omniti.com is

I wondered if there existed a good tutorial online that told people
how to investigate and fix their NTP problems. I'm assuming that most
of these abusive clients are the results of people who don't know how
to configure NTP, and thus, even though it's their duty to fix their
abusive clients, they probably would have no idea how. It'd be very
helpful if there were a good tutorial, so I could just e-mail them,
mention the problem, and point them at the tutorial. Jeffrey Goldberg
has a good page at http://www.goldmark.org/netrants/ntp-abuse/ but it
doesn't really address *how* a clueless admin can fix their servers.

All of this got me thinking about something else... I've created a few
small MediaWiki installs for various groups. Would there be interest
in a "NTP Pool Wiki" type thing? I've got a webserver with the space
if needed. (I'm aware of the support.ntp.org site, but haven't found
it overly useful. I'd be more interested in a site about the pool, and
maybe about configuring ntpd.) It seems that this mailing list is home
to some of the people most-knowledgeable about NTP. I just don't want
to create something that no one will use. (Nor do I want to step on
toes if such a site exists and I've missed it!)

-- Matt

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