[time], wikis, and help for abusers

Nelson Minar nelson
Wed Apr 30 15:59:04 UTC 2008

If someone wants to look into this in detail, I've been logging 
timestamps for every single request my 100Mbps US time server gets. I've 
also been logging 1% of the actual NTP traffic. I've gone ahead and 
extracted timestamps for for a little over two weeks starting 
April 2. You can download them here:

There's 450,000 or so requests there for a rate of 1 request every 3 
seconds. It's not just that that rate is high, it's that they seem to be 
hitting a bunch of pool servers.

It'd be great to have some wiki docs to point people at. But it's a lot 
of effort to contact abusers. As long as the fraction of clients that 
are acting poorl isn't increasing, I'm not going to sweat it too much. 
The fraction of IPs sending more than 20 requests in 10 minutes has held 
below 0.4% for me in the seven months I've been watching:

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