[time] Prototype ntpd with manycast-like "pool" implementation

Dave Hart davehart
Fri Feb 19 14:28:54 UTC 2010

I have a prototype ready for wider testing with a new implementation
of the "pool" directive that operates similarly to manycastclient.
When less than "tos minclock" survivors or less than "tos maxclock"
associations are in evidence, attempts are made to mobilize more
ephemeral associations via pool and/or manycastclient.

tos minclock 2 maxclock 8
server some.server
pool us.pool.ntp.org.

The above ntp.conf will attempt to maintain 8 associations total,
presumably 7 of them ephemeral from the pool, one configured.

As with manycastclient, associations which become unreachable are
demobilized automatically, and a scoring mechanism is used to stick
with the better sources while turning in some of the less appealing
ones for a fresh shot with a different source.


Please give it a spin and report back here or privately if you prefer.

Dave Hart
hart at ntp.org
davehart at gmail.com
davehart at davehart.com

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