[time] Traffic level for a US 250 or 500 Mbps server?

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff
Mon Feb 22 01:22:29 UTC 2010

Matt Nordhoff wrote:
> I run a server in the U.S. (+ global) zone, with the net speed set to
> 100 Mbps. It receives about 17 requests per second. I'd like to throw
> some more traffic at it -- anywhere up to, say, 500 Kbps -- but not more
> than that. If I increase the net speed to 250 or 500 Mbps, how much
> traffic am I likely to get? I don't want to try it out and wind up with
> 5 Mbps of traffic from TTNet and angry emails from my ISP.
> Although even 500 Kbps would probably blow up my conntrack tables or
> something anyway. :-P

If anyone's curious:

I bumped it up to 250 Mbps at 2010-02-10T00:22Z. Since then, I've
received 33.9 million packets, an average of 32.6 per second.

I don't have detailed traffic statistics, but I have spent a disturbing
amount of time staring at iftop, and learned this:

Most of the time, it's not really doing very much traffic. Right now
it's doing 35-40 Kbps (inbound and outbound combined), which is more or
less normal. IIRC, back when the net speed was 100 Mbps, it was usually
20 Kbps.

However, on the hour, it can spike to as much as 1.0 Mbps for a second,
staying over 100 Kbps for a minute or two. (It makes iftop use a _lot_
of CPU, hehe!) I haven't done the math to figure out how many packets
that is, but I did run sysstats during one of the 1.0 Mbps spikes, and
it averaged 490 req/s over 13 seconds. :-D
Matt Nordhoff

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