[Pool] Taking down my NTP server in Turkey

Henk P. Penning penning at uu.nl
Thu Aug 2 15:32:00 UTC 2012

On Wed, 1 Aug 2012, Mouse wrote:

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> They're using the tr country-code zone?  Then I have to wonder why we
> still have a tr zone.  As *ahem* unfortunate as it would be for other
> Turks, it appears Turk Telekom is uninterested in participating in the
> cooperative, mutually helpful network the pool is designed for.
> Putting up an announcement on (sigh) the pool webpages that we have no
> tr zone (and perhaps giving some subtitute, tr2 maybe?) and explaining
> why would, it seems to me, break the abusive access while being about
> as minimally disruptive as possible to others.
> But this seems so obvious I can hardly imagine nobody's thought of it
> before.  So presumably there's some reason why it hasn't been done.

   The reason (I think) is that Turk Telekom's abuse of the pool,
   isn't a good enough reason /not/ to provide good ntp service
   to the people in ".tr".

   I support the current work-around : asking volunteers for "tr.pool",
   to spread the load. To put presure on the Turk Telekom users, or
   tamper with their service is (imho) 'evil', as in "don't be evil".

   What can be done ?

   -- Is there some page that describes the problem ?
   -- If not, can someone write it up ? [I'm not volunteering ;-]

   and then ...

   ... maybe Ask can put it on www.pool.ntp.org
       [ I don't see a ref to Turk Telekom there yet ]
   ... everybody can contact Turk Telekom about the abuse
   ... we can get Turk Telekom to acknowledge there is a problem
   ... we can work /with/ Turk Telekom to find a better work-around,
       or maybe even get them to fix the problem.

   In the meantime, join the .tr pool, and enjoy the spikes!
   Worry only about bandwidth ; your server can take it ;
   ours (2001) didn't even blink, serving 25,000 packs/sec on
   the last "leap-second" day. See our 'Traffic' stats here:


   ... observer the decrease in traffic due to added tr.pool servers.


   Henk Penning

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