[Pool] Monitoring of our IPv6 NTP servers

Jon Atkins jon at jonatkins.com
Tue May 28 02:17:37 UTC 2013

My server, on both IPv4/6


Identical performance - or possibly a touch better on IPv6.

This is UK-based, so not close to the monitoring server, and other than
the occasional routing glitch (on IPv4 or IPv6) remains stable at all times.


On 2013-05-22 13:28, Marco Senft wrote:
> Hello everybody
> Since quite some time the score graphs of our IPv6 servers do look
> terribly scratchy, as if the connection were extremely instable. At the
> same time, the same servers' IPv4 interfaces show no sign of
> interruptions. You can take a look at the graphs here:
> http://www.pool.ntp.org/user/mc404
> The servers are:
> ntp1.pmodwrc.ch/
> ntp2.pmodwrc.ch/
> Other IPv6 servers here in Switzerland seem to work OK, our IPv6
> connectivity appears very stable otherwise, and I find no signs of any
> problems. Might there be something wrong with the pool monitoring of our
> servers?

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