[Pool] Isn't monlist a violation of privacy rights?

Andreas Krüger timekeeper at famsik.de
Sat Feb 1 11:05:35 UTC 2014

Hello, Mouse,

talking about monlist, you say:

> (b) I really do not like shutting off a useful facility just
> because it's being abused and a lot of other people don't/can't
> prevent the abuse any other way.

Just for curiosity: Have you ever used other ntp-server's monlist
for anything particular?  Why do you consider that facility

Personally, I'm rather concerned about my privacy.  When I'm
using a service and that service tells other people that I'm
using it, and does so without my explicit consent, I don't like
that.  I feel my privacy rights are being violated.

In particular, a service that gives out the fact I'm using it not
only to specific third parties somehow known to the people behind
that service - but to anybody?  Wearing any color hats?  Anywhere
out in internet land?  Just ask the question, and you'll get the

I'm not a lawyer.  But in my understanding, in my country,
Germany, such behavior would even be illegal.  And I tend to
think: rightly so.

So, I would have thought monlist an anachronism, something that
may have been appropriate in the early days of the internet,
but no longer has been for more than a decade now.

But I don't want to rush to conclusions.  Again: Why do you
consider monlist useful?



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