[Pool] DDoS Type Attack

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Mon Feb 17 09:01:28 UTC 2014


On 17.02.14 02:51, Nyamul Hassan wrote:
>> PS: No need to use "reply all", reply only to the list is perfect, as I do
>> filter e-mails based on the "List-Id" header line.
> Strange.  Usually, when I do "reply all" in other mailing lists, it always
> goes to the mailing list, and not the original sender.  But, in this list,
> it answers with the sender in "To", and the list as "Cc".
> When I do just a "reply", the it only tries to answer to the sender.  So,
> in writing this email, I had to edit the "to" and delete the "cc".
> Perhaps this is a list configuration issue?

Yes it is. Some mailing lists have set the Reply-To: header to 
point back to the list itself and other do not have it set.

But then there are also useful MUA (mail user agents) like 
Thunderbird, that have a "Smart Reply" button. It does the right 
thing depending if a messages has arrived through a mailing list 
or directly. But of course you still have the possibility to use 
others like reply-all or reply to the sender only.
I like this feature of Thunderbird very much. With it I do not 
have to manually fiddle around to create a proper reply back to 
the list, it does just work and keeps the discussion on the list.


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