[Pool] Where can I get stats?

Andreas Krüger timekeeper at famsik.de
Sat Feb 22 14:31:06 UTC 2014

Hello, Anthony,

> Is there a place where pool members can find out how many requests
> and clients they've served?

Yes.  If you are a pool member, your own server can provide such
information.  Three ideas follow:

Asuming it is a Linux server:

/sbin/ifconfig -a

gives you an idea of the overall traffic on your entire server.  Do it
now, do it again an hour later.  Then you know how much traffic your
entire server saw in that hour.

If you want to know specifically how much NTP-traffic your server is
seeing, write a few pertinent iptables firewall rules.  Those firewall
rules need not actually do anything (no need for -j DROP or the like).
The Linux kernel will still count the number of packets and the amount
of traffic (in bytes) matching each particular rule.  Something like

        iptables -A INPUT  -p UDP --destination-port 123
        iptables -A OUTPUT -p UDP --source-port 123

is a good start.  Then, do

         iptables -vnxL

now and again in an hour to know your NTP traffic during that hour.

For more detail, a setup for iptables rate limiting will give you some
insight particularily into irresponsible clients.

I have my own previous iptable rate limiting setup (described in
http://lists.ntp.org/pipermail/pool/2014-January/006778.html ) still
in place, but deactivated functionality (by removing the "-j DROP" -
line).  This is precisely to be able to do statistics.  (I removed the
"-j DROP" - line so all traffic reaches my ntpd, so it keeps
sending "kiss of death" packets.)

If you want even more detailed information, you'll need to listen on
your network interface using tcpdump .  That is likely to generate
quite a bit of data, though.  (It could even degrade your server's

> Thanks,
> Anthony

You're welcome.  Hope it helped some.

I'm afraid you may need to do some reading first, before these answers
make complete sense to you.

Regards, Andreas

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