[Pool] Leap second at end of June 2015

Rob Janssen rob at knoware.nl.eu.org
Thu Jan 8 16:39:01 UTC 2015

Max Grobecker wrote:
> Hi,
> just for me to clarify:
> What am I supposed to do as a pool server maintainer?
> Should I be fine after updating tzdata on my system (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) or do I have to
> load any files and tell ntpd to use them?
> I'm a bit confused now ;-)
> Thanks and greetings!
>   Max

Really, nothing.
All this stuff with the leapseconds file is only for those who want to see the clock tick away every
second correctly.   When you don't have it and when your reference servers do not announce
the leap second, you will suddenly have a 1-second error and ntpd will correct it in the night
hours.  You might drop out of the pool for a few hours, but likely not even that will happen.


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