[Pool] Decentralised monitoring? - Was: Why is my server score suddenly so poor?

Max Grobecker max.grobecker at ml.grobecker.info
Wed Feb 22 14:44:00 UTC 2017

Hi Ask,

the problem with "Don't know what the monitoring sees, but for me it's working" is a long topic.
I know (Ask said it in a thread) that the monitoring can't be simply extended by a second monitoring station
without massive changes to the monitoring software.

Would it be an option to do a second look at low-scoring pool servers by checking their reachability and accuracy by using
the RIPE ATLAS [1] network?
Then you would be able to get results from networks within that specific region the server is serving and maybe
a few others wordwide and could calculate the median of all measurements. That, added to the original monitor's result
could be used to distinct between server and monitor problems.

The main problem with the ATLAS system would be that you have to "pay" for measurements with credit points that you collect
by hosting a probe for yourselfes. But hosting one probe wouldn't be enough for the number of checks that are necessary.
So if this sounds interesting to you, the RIPE ATLAS community might find a good way for doing these checks.
I mean - these probes might even use the NTP pool regulary to set their local clock...

[1] https://atlas.ripe.net/landing/about/


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