[Pool] SNTP Client Code

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Nov 22 11:25:41 UTC 2017

satyaprakash.prasad at gmail.com said:
> For a project work in an ARM embedded device we need to write code that will
> sync time of device within that of the network. We plan to make use of SNTP
> for same. Hence we need a very light SNTP client code?

> Is there a Free Licence SNTP client reliable / tested code there that can be
> made use of? 

I don't know of any code like that.

It isn't hard to write.  It is very easy to get it wrong is subtle ways that 
won't show up in a testing lab unless you know what to look for.

Wikipedia has a good page:
  NTP server misuse and abuse
I'd call Dave Plonka's writeup of the Netgear/UWisc mess required reading for 
any networking class.


What is your environment?  POSIX?

How good do you want the time to be?

Are you going to ship a zillion copies?  Or just run a few in a lab for an 

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