[ntp:questions] 2036 rollover problem

Евгений Никишин e.nikishin at niisi.ras.ru
Tue Mar 16 12:20:13 UTC 2021

I am currently working on the Y2036 problem. My app receives the current 
time from an NTPv4 compatible server (ntpd). As far as I understand, the 
ntpd server response contains a timestamp in NTP Timestamp format (i.e. 
as a combination of Seconds and Fraction). I want to change it to NTP 
Date Format, but I don't understand if it is supported by the standard. 
Could you clarify whether or not there are any packet header parameters 
that allow querying the time in NTP Date Format (i.e. as a combination 
of Era Number, Era Offset and Fraction).


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