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Re: [questions] Re: [ntp:questions] Automatic replies

On 4/26/2022 3:41, Marco Marongiu wrote:
After receiving a bunch of auto replies, I think I have a hunch on what's happening: the mailing list manager software is being replaced and the subscribers' list was copied over, but the nomail setting for some addresses was disregarded and all those addresses have reverted to normal users again. Hence the problem.

It's a shot in the dark, but highly plausible.

None of the addresses on the "nomail" list should still receive email. The software we're using has changed (we now use mlmmj), but that particular feature hasn't; before moving the subscriber list to mlmmj, I tested it, and I know it works.

I did just unsubscribe a few email addresses from which I was seeing "this message is undeliverable" auto-replies that should have been bounces. Those addresses were on the main list, not the nomail list.

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