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Re: [questions] Re: GPS+PPS vs NTP server, why a huge offset ?

On 19/06/2022 07:38, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
OK, then to which of the USB connector pins do you connect the PPS
signal to get "PPS over USB"?

You can connect them to CTS or RTS, on FreeBSD these can then hook into the kernel PPS API.

It works very well in practise, especially for the cost & effort required.

Taking the other side for this one, which of Ground, D+, D-, and VBus have alternative names of CTS and RTS? (I guess I should add StdA_SSRX-, StdA_SSRX+, StdA_SSTX+, and StdA_SSTX-, for USB 3.0, compatibility.)
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