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Re: [questions] GPS+PPS vs NTP server, why a huge offset ?

David Taylor wrote:
On 23/06/2022 15:33, Thibaut HUMBERT wrote:
Hi David!
I tested with your dll:

The PPS was not detected, I don't know what I did wrong.
Here is the content of my ntp.conf:

server minpoll 2 maxpoll 2 mode 89 prefer
fudge time2 0.125 refid NMEA
server minpoll 2 maxpoll 2 true
fudge refid uPPS

FYI, the pagehttps://kb.meinbergglobal.com/kb/time_sync/ntp/ntp_for_windows/using_pps_signals_on_windows was updated today, there is a new link to "serialpps-20120321-signed.zip".


It's not "my" DLL, but one provided by Meinberg IIRC.

It was not provided by Meinberg, either. The whole stuff was put together by a guy who actively participated on the NTP development.

As described on the KB page, I had signed the binaries with Meinberg's key only to be able to use the driver on 64-bit systems.

I have to admit, though, that I've personally never used a PPS on Windows.

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