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Re: [questions] GPS+PPS vs NTP server, why a huge offset ?

On 6/24/2022 12:24 AM, Martin Burnicki wrote:
David Taylor wrote:
On 23/06/2022 22:03, Martin Burnicki wrote:
It was not provided by Meinberg, either. The whole stuff was put
together by a guy who actively participated on the NTP development.

As described on the KB page, I had signed the binaries with Meinberg's
key only to be able to use the driver on 64-bit systems.

I have to admit, though, that I've personally never used a PPS on Windows.


Thanks for the updates and correction, Martin!  Who wrote it - was it Dave Hart (not heard of him since he moved?) or someone else?  I don't recall now.

Yes, it was Dave Hart, as mentioned on my KB page. ;-)

Sadly I haven't heard from him for a very long time, either.

I chatted with him a couple of months' ago.  He's doing OK.

PPS on Windows works well here on Win-64.

Happy to hear this!


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