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[questions] Re: doc.ntp.org broken today, worked yesterday

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 12:51:14 PM UTC-4, Edward McGuire wrote:
> Every link at doc.ntp.org which should point back to doc.ntp.org has been rewritten to use www.ntp.org. The files still exist where they should. For example you can manually get to https://doc.ntp.org/documentation/4.2.8-series and see the content. But you can't get there through links, which now point to https://www.ntp.org/documentation/4.2.8-series (which of course doesn't exist). 
> I'm sorry I don't know who to contact privately. 
> Cheers! 
> Edward

Thanks, Edward! The links now work but there's still an issue we're resolving on the proxy backend. Hopefully the site will be back to normal some time today.


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